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Mike Richards



Under international (Bern convention), UK (including the "Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998"), US, and other national laws, it is not permitted to copy any original work of art including photographs which are subject to copyright, and textual content, without the copyright holders consent.


Photographic & Other Images

Please note that prohibition from copying images includes using derived and modified versions of images, because the modification itself entails copying. Any comments about images includes modified images or digitally created images.



As copyright owner I may license other parties to use my images for specified purposes subject to receipt of suitable fees, and the use of copyright notices. Prospective licensees should contact me with details of intended use, and their standard terms if any. My terms will apply in the event of any other written agreement.


License Conditions

All images must be accompanied by a copyright notice and credit, e.g. © Mike Richards.
If used on the internet the copyright notice must also provide a link to this website, e.g.

The copyright notice and link should be clearly legible, and of a readable size, at least that of the normal text size in the article or web page. It must be clearly placed close to the image used.


Informing of Use

All use of images should be reported via the contact form.
Failure to do so will be deemed as breach of copyright or license.


Licence Fee Guidelines

I consider the following to be the minimum rate, per single image, per use.

  • Standard Fee - £100.00


Additional Charges

  • Omission of credit, copyright notice or link - Double Standard Fee
  • Use without prior consent - Double Standard Fee
  • Modification without prior consent - Double Standard Fee
  • Attempted disguise - Double Standard Fee
  • Passing off as own work - Double Standard Fee


Free Private Usage

I do allow free use of images and text to private individuals for their own personal use. However, text, images or any other content may not, under any circumstance, be added to any website, be it personal or commercial, without my written permission. Additionally, text and images may not be distributed in electronic, printed, or any other media type without express written permission.


Unauthorised Use

I will always take action against any parties making unauthorised use of my images.
I will expect to recover damages for non-payment of the published fees and charges. In addition I will seek payment of any and all administrative costs, legal fees and any other expenses and costs incurred in proving unauthorised use, tracing the offender, and collecting payment.

Ignorance of copyright law shall be no defence against any claim I may make, or action I may take, to enforce my rights.


Remedy Following Unauthorised Use

Where I discover unauthorised use and contact the offender, I invite the offending party to reach a settlement with me by:

  • admitting the unauthorised use;
  • removing the unauthorised image/text within 7 days; and
  • in the event of image/text being used for commercial purposes, I will expect an offer of compensation to be made in line with our Licence Fee and Additional Fees.

I will, without prejudice, look favourably on genuine and timely attempts to compensate me.


Denial of Unauthorised Use

Any denial of unauthorised use should include your full identity and contact details. You should state where, when and how your images were obtained, including third party details if applicable.

Claims such as "found on a website" or "other people have used it" will not be accepted.


Without Prejudice

While I may seek to rely on any or all of the above, it is to be taken as without prejudice to any action or claim on my behalf. I reserve the right to change this page or any of the copyright terms without notice.



Your guide to some of the BEST SEA FISHING VENUES on the Yorkshire coast.


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