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Hayburn Wyke


Hayburn Wyke general information



From Scarborough:
Follow the A171 north out of Scarborough for about 6 miles until you reach the village of Cloughton. Where the A171 takes a sharp left hand turn take a right (which is straight on) . Follow this road for about 2 miles until you see the sign for the Hayburn Wyke Inn. Head town the track to the parking area.

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Hayburn Wyke used to be a favourite with the Victorians as a picnic spot, in the days of the Whitby to Scarborough railway line. Now it is popular with anglers who are after bags of Yorkshire cod, and those who want to try for bass with plugs during the summer months. 

Above Hayburn Wyke sits the Hayburn Wyke Inn. This serves food, a decent range of beers and offers accommodation to groups (no stag parties). It is also their parking area in front of the hotel you use.

The Hayburn Wyke Inn

To get down to the beach, when facing the hotel head left past the barn and you'll pick up the path below.

The path to the National Trust wood at Hayburn Wyke

Cross the stile in to the National Trust wood.

The entrance to the National Trust wood at Hayburn Wyke

Follow the path down through the wood until you come to the waterfall. The steps down are just to the right of it.

Steps in the National Trust wood at Hayburn Wyke

The walk only takes between 5 and 10 minutes and is great on a 
warm sunny day.

Boulders at Hayburn Wyke

The 'beach' doesn't consist of any sand, but it has plenty of large rocks and boulders. These make moving around tricky when dry, and very dangerous when wet. In the picture above, some of the rocks are covered in, what I believe to be, dried white gull droppings. Don't walk on them as they are incredibly slippery! The best way of fishing Hayburn Wyke is to take as little tackle as possible.

High water mark at Hayburn Wyke

Above is the high water mark. This shows that on a spring tide at high water you don't have to cast far at all to put your bait in to a reasonable depth of water. This is however renowned as a low water venue. 

The ground is very rough everywhere and the only sensible tackle to use when targeting cod is a good rock fishing rod and a suitable reel loaded with 30-35lb mainline. A suitable reel would be a 7000 sized Abu, Daiwa SLOSH 30 (SL30SH) or a Penn 535. The rig should incorporate a rotten bottom.

Caution: The very rocky nature of the beach at Hayburn Wyke means that it can be quite difficult to walk around on. Boots with plenty of ankle support are a must. The rocks can also be very slippery and any boots with metal studs are a distinct advantage.


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