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Robin Hood's Bay


Robin Hood's Bay general information



From the North:
Head to Whitby. From Whitby take the A171 (heading towards Scarborough). At Hawsker take the B1447 which leads straight in to Robin Hood's Bay.

From the South:
Head in to scarborough and pick up the A171 (heading for Whitby). Follow it until you pick up the signs for Robin Hood's Bay.

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Robin Hood's Bay is renowned for it's cod fishing, and has great potential for lure fishing for bass, pollack and coalfish. The reason for this is the easterly-facing bays impressive scar and many kelp filled gully's. Like many small bays in North Yorkshire, it is not the easiest thing walking from the car park to the beach. The hill down to the beach is very steep, and there is no parking beyond this (see the photos below).

The hill at Robin Hood's Bay

Looking up the hill at Robin Hood's Bay

To get down to the water just follow the road and eventually you will come to the slipway which leads straight on to the scar. If you don't know Robin Hood's Bay, my advice would be to stick to the road. It's easy to get lost down all the narrow little passage ways.

The slipway at Robin Hood's Bay

It's also worth noting that this is not a venue for anyone with mobility problems. Even the breakwater has a steep set of wooden steps you have to go down, although it does have benches to sit on while you fish. During the Summer though, there may be too many tourists to safely fish from this area.

Breakwater at Robin Hood's Bay

This sign made me chuckle. It is referring to the area covered in photo 'm'. The though of some lunatic shinning down a rope, that is only tied to a bench makes you wonder about peoples common sense!

Warning sign at Robin Hood's Bay breakwater

Caution: The scar is very slippery. I would advise anyone going on to the scar to wear appropriate footwear i.e. good boots with plenty of ankle support and, ideally, studs. Also watch out for being cut off by the tide. The scar goes out for quite a distance and the water travels quickly across it.


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