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Sandsend general information



Easy. Take the A174 coast road from Whitby, and just follow it until you arrive at Sandsend.

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Sandsend is a large, popular fishing venue which is made up of the beach, the car park, the scar and the cliffs.

Fishing from Sandsend car park

The mixture of easy access/parking, easy fishing, and a good chance of catching a few fish can often prove irresistible when your lacking the will to tackle the rougher stuff. The car park is also a great venue (at high tide) for anglers with mobility problems. It has a good, clean public toilet and a tea room next to it which does hot bacon sandwiches and tea during the day.

Sandsend car park

The beach and car park fish onto sand and standard beach tackle is fine here. if you decide to fish the car park during Autumn/Winter/Spring it pays to get there early, especially when there's a good tide or at the weekend. Otherwise you may be struggling for a spot.

Emergency steps at Sandsend car park

It's worth remembering that there are some very steep emergency steps on the side of the car park wall should you become cut off by the tide while fishing the scar. These will only help you though if you are on the scar closest to the beach. If your at the end of the scar you could be in trouble.

cliff fishing at Sandsend

If you do choose to fish the cliffs follow basic safety precautions. Don't fish by yourself, let people know where you are and when you'll be back, arrive during daylight and familiarise yourself with the area, watch out for overhangs (above), avoid the cliffs when there has been lots of rain or during very rough seas as land slips are not uncommon, and finally don't get too close to the edge. No fish is worth dying for.
It's not worth trying to fish the cliffs with a beach rod and 15lb line. You will lose a lot of tackle and will really struggle to land anything you catch.

Caution: The scar can be very slippery in places. Also watch out for being cut off by the tide. Fishing from the cliffs can be extremely dangerous and great caution must be exercised. Your first mistake may well prove to be your last!


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