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Sewerby Steps


Sewerby Steps general information



From Bridlington:
At the roundabout at the bottom of the A165 Scarborough Road take the B1255. At the next roundabout turn right onto the B1254. Take the first road on the left. This leads straight into Sewerby.

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Most angler will recognise the name of Sewerby Steps even if they haven't been here. For years it was the northern boundary for many of the big east coast open competitions.

Fishing is only to the right of the beach as you descend the steps. The area to the left is the start of a legally enforcable No Take Zone, which stretches from the Bridlington side of the track down to Danes Dyke to Sewerby Steps. This zone runs 700m from the cliffs out to sea. It also includes tidal habitat, which means that nothing can be removed from this area, including shellfish and even pebbles.

Access to the beach is via Sewerby Steps which have been built into the cliffside. The location of the steps isn't obvious from the car park if you don't have a map. They're behind the cabin shown on the right of the photo below.

Location of the steps at Sewerby

The steps aren't very steep, but there are a lot of them.

The steps down to Sewerby beach

At the top of the steps is the sign shown below:

Warning sign at Sewerby

From what I understand these discharges are not sewage, but are pollutants from malt making. It is highly advisable to wash your hands before handling food if you are fishing this area. The alcohol gel hand washes from places like Superdrug are cheap, don't require water, dry very quickly and are highly effective.

What makes Sewerby Steps an interesting place for anglers is the fact that it's where the rough ground meets sand, and also it is relatively sheltered from big northerly winds.

Caution: The rocks around this area may be slippery. Pollutants are intermittently discharged into the sea here.


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