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Staithes general information



From either the north or south of Staithes take the A174 and follow the signs. Once in Staithes follow the signs for the car park.

There is no parking beyond the public car park which is located just before the steep hill.

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  Staithes is a north facing fishing village which has remained largely unspoiled despite it's popularity. It is famous for it's cod and it's lobsters which thrive in this rocky, kelp filled area.

Access to the fishing marks in Staithes (which also includes the 'Boiler Hole' at Boulby) can be tiring, and it is best to travel as light as possible. From the car park you walk down the steep hill into the village. Once at the bottom of the hill and in the village look out for a passageway on your left hand side that leads to a bridge which crosses the river. This gives access to the left hand harbour wall, Cowbar Nab and the 'Boiler Hole'.

If you plan on fishing the harbour please note that the seaward side of the entire harbour is encased in boulders to defend it in rough weather (below). They will make landing a fish difficult.

Cowbar Nab fishes from a good platform at low tide into deep kelp filled water. The rocky area to the side of the nab also looks like a good spot to fish but great care must be taken as all the rocks are incredibly slippery. Boots with metal studs are the best choice of footwear.

To get to the 'Boiler Hole' (in the area which is slightly highlighted in the photo above, taken from Cowbar Nab) and other marks in the Boulby area head along the bottom of the cliffs, but not too close as there is a danger from falling rocks. The 'Boiler Hole' is, at most, a one mile walk if you are hugging the cliff bottoms. It's around 3/4 of a mile if it's a good low tide and you can walk across the scar. Be very aware of the tide when fishing here. Limit your time to 1.5 hours either side of low tide to avoid being cut off. The surrounding cliffs offer no escape! The main cut off points have been marked on the Staithes map.

Caution: When fishing the marks around Boulby (including the 'Boiler Hole') there is a real danger of being cut off by the tide. Fishing should be limited to 1.5 hours either side of low tide, but also take in to consideration the effects of the weather on the tide! This is the information given to me by locals.

Most of the rocks and scar in this area are extremely slippery, so wearing the correct footwear is essential.


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